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concrete floors

Concrete floors

Concrete floors can be beautiful and extremely durable. The tough part is making them look great. Prestige offers a wide range of solutions to not only maintain and repair concrete surfaces like driveways, but also applications for residential uses.

concrete maintenance 

Cleaning and sealing

Concrete in driveways, pool decks and other outsides areas requires maintenance. Prestige first cleans the concrete using specialized equipment that removes all dirt and mildew. The concrete is then sealed once it has dried not only improving the look of the concrete but helping to protecting it. Typical concrete maintenance should be done roughly every 2-3 years and helps to prevent water entering it and other damage cause by the environment.

Prestige Polished concrete.jpg
Concrete maintenance
Concrete resurfacing
Concrete resurfacing driveway.jpg

concrete floors | 

Concrete resurfacing

If concrete is not maintained, it can begin to delaminate. In these circumstances, cleaning and sealing is typically not enough. The concrete needs to be ground down slightly allowing it to be properly sealed.

Driveways, patios and pools

Concrete floors | 

Driveways, patios and pool decks

These areas are often used on a daily basis. With such frequent use, these surfaces can wear down. Prestige has the right tools and equipment to repair your concrete or create a more custom, aesthetically pleasing look. Prestige uses quality sealing products ensuring your concrete is well maintained and better protected from water penetration, which can freeze during colder temperatures causing cracks.


Prestige can create both smooth and textured surfaces for patios, pool decks and driveways. The grinding machines that Prestige has can be used to reveal varying amounts of the aggregate below your concrete surfaces revealing the larger rock below the surface.

Prestige polished pool deck.jpg
Prestige polished concrete floor before.
Prestige polished concrete floor.jpg

Concrete floors 

Concrete polishing

Are you looking for a nicer concrete finish to your floors that is easy to clean? Polished concrete might be just what you are looking for. There are many types of polished concrete. All concrete floors can be finished to either matte, semi-gloss or high gloss finish.

Concrete polishing

Concrete polishing | Available finishes

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